Details to Consider When Purchasing Wood Floors

When purchasing hardwood floors, make sure to be educated on your investment, including how the wood reacts to light, environment & how fuming enhances the visual beauty of the floor.

Light Exposure

Varying changes (patina) can occur when wood is exposed to UV rays from sunlight, florescent, LED, and incandescent bulbs. Window coverings, UV resistant tint, solar screens can minimize but not eliminate this natural occurrence. Certain species are more susceptible to light & development of varying degrees/shades of patina, due to their high content of natural oils.

Light exposure and its effect on wood floors.

Reaction to Environmental Conditions

Wood is a product of nature. As a natural material, it will expand and contract as it gains and loses moisture. Some gaps between the boards during low-humidity seasons are normal and not considered a defect. Maintaining optimum humidity levels of 30 to 55% will minimize these occurrences. Allowing relative humidity levels to fall below 30% can result in structural damage to the floor such as large gaps, splits in the surface, distortion of the boards and structural failure. Humidity levels above 55% can result in surface warping and structural failure of the boards.

Hallmark Floors and Natural Wood Characteristics | Wood flooring is a natural product that will reflect natures beautiful imperfections.

Fumed Hardwood

Fuming simply enhances the beautiful colors and contrast of hardwood floors without staining the planks. This is a natural process which means that the dark to light shades within every color will vary. The color variation is due to fuming, the environment, and tannins – all of which add to the natural beauty of the wood. We craft these beautiful hardwood floors out of real wood that is grown and not an artificial product, which means that no two planks are identical. Collections that are fumed include:

Natural Board Variation | The color of each wood plank will naturally vary due to the natural characteristics of the tree. Natural wood floors will reflect this variation more than stained floors because the stain hides the natural beauty of the wood.

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