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Since our inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by our love for wood and our passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.

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It is said that a first impression is the most important one. Help your client make a stunning first impression from the moment a guest arrives. Though flooring in any hospitality environment takes a beating every day, the technology in Hallmark’s floors makes it possible to accommodate high foot-traffic and still look beautiful.
From K-12 buildings to higher education institutions, school budgets offer little to no flexibility, and maintenance costs factor highly in choosing flooring and other interior pieces.
When selecting a floor for a healthcare related project, safety, sterility, and cleanliness are of utmost importance.
With a variety of styles for a variety of settings, from rustic chic outdoor apparel stores to high-end luxury brand boutiques-- Hallmark has it covered.