Ecological. Strong. Elegant. Build with Bamboo.

If being ecologically conscious and using natural materials is important to you or your client, consider bamboo for your project. Taking just 3-5 years to grow, bamboo is a highly renewable resource made from natural vegetation. It is strong and beautiful like hardwood, but distinctly different. Its rich features and interesting patterns offer a unique elegance to virtually any project.

Teragren Bamboo has perfected the alternative to a traditional hardwood floor. It offers a tensile strength higher than steel. It withstands compression better than concrete and is more resistant to moisture than hardwoods.

With 25 years of experience behind us, we create the highest quality bamboo products for lasting performance in a wide-range of commercial applications. We employ both raw material selection techniques and fine-tuned manufacturing technology, resulting in a harder, more stable product than wood and other bamboos and quality you can trust.

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Averages 160% Harder than Red Oak
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Averages 40% Harder than Red Oak
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