Modern Desert Ranch

Modern Desert Ranch project, designed by Jennifer Ferrandi of NoMad Design, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Jennifer is an Interior Designer, and we are so excited to introduce her to you and to share her Desert Ranch project. The Hallmark Floors’ product featured in this modern desert home is our Balboa Alta Vista hardwood flooring. Photos provided by photographer Ryan Garvin and Elizabeth Lawlor. We love the kitchen! Jennifer’s exquisite design details complement this impressive architecture with cathedral ceiling and an expansive great room.  The living room is charming and inviting, but the loft caught our eye. How fun! Every room was perfectly planned to meet the needs of the homeowner. There is no doubt a lot of thought and effort went into the interior design of this beautiful modern desert ranch. Well done, Jennifer Ferrandi of NoMad Design. Thank you for sharing your designs with us. Follow NoMad Design and Hallmark Floors on Instagram. Our interview with NoMad Design's Jennifer Ferrandi.

The designing of the Modern Desert Ranch home in Arizona.


How would you classify your style of design?

I guess I would describe my style as an Arizona interpretation of the laid back southern California style so many of us Phoenicians love. I adore so many of the elements you find in those west coast homes but never want to pretend we are anywhere other than our beautiful desert. Arizona has its own unique vibe.

Jennifer Ferrandi's Inspiration

What was your design inspiration for the Desert Ranch project?

I probably would have to say any project done by Backen Gillam Architects. I am always just blown away by everything they create.

What is your favorite material to design with?

I guess I would have to say tile. I like to keep majority of a homes specs (white walls, wood flooring etc.) consistent so tile is where you can add a lot of personality. Even if you are playing it safe with a white subway tile you can specify an updated subway size and install in an interesting pattern.

NoMad Design' Design Tips

Why did you choose Hallmark Floors? Why that color and style?

I searched high and low for the perfect wood flooring. Nothing even came close to the Hallmark Alta Vista line. The hardest decision was choosing which color. I am thrilled with Balboa but I’m sure would have been just as happy if I had gone with Laguna or La Jolla.

Was there anything you were taking in to consideration when you were choosing the wood floors?

I knew I wanted white oak with oil finish. I have specified this for many projects so was very familiar with species and finish. I am however a little shocked and completely thrilled on how well they are actually holding up! My house has been used for quite a few photo shoots and few commercials so the floors have received a lot of traffic and abuse from equipment. They look just as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Do you have any design tips you would like to pass on to other designers, homeowners or do-it-yourselfers?

I like to commit to the wood floor very early on in a project. This way if I am doing any stained millwork or interior doors I can make sure all tones are all in the same family. I tape an area off on one of the boards on flooring sample and have finishers match.

Jennifer Ferrandi's Personal Inspiration

What inspired you to become a designer and how long have you been designing?

Growing up I spent hours and hours at my mother and grandmother’s antique store. My aunt is an interior designer and my sister, nephew and cousin are all graphic designers. I just think designing is in my DNA. My sister and I shared a room growing up and she was a good sport about rolling with my constantly re-decorating. I really owe her for putting up with the rainbow theme I subjected her to in the late 70’s.

Would you recommend Hallmark Floors to your clients or others?

I always do! I have gotten more inquires on my floor than anything else in my entire home.

Jennifer Ferrandi of NoMad Design AZ

If you would like to see more photos and designs by NoMad Design, follow this link to their instagram.

Modern Desert Ranch & Design Inspiration by Hallmark Floors

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